Don't miss out on your digital performance royalties...
It's your money!

Don't miss out on your digital performance royalties...
It's your money!

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Catapult can help find and collect your digital performance royalties from SoundExchange.

When your songs are played on satellite and internet radio, cable radio, and similiar non-interactive streaming services, those platforms are required by law to pay and report this usage to SoundExchange, a non-profit performance rights organization appointed by the U.S. Library of Congress to collect and distribute these digital performance royalties. A portion of the money they collect is designated for the owner of the sound recording (These are completely seperate royalties than what is directly collected by Catapult from the major music stores).

Along with our distribution service to the major music stores, Catapult can help collect these specific royalties from SoundExchange on your behalf. We'll register your sound recording ISRCs with SoundExchange which then allows Catapult to claim the sound recording owner's royalties that have been reported and paid to them from the various platforms (over 3,600 platforms and providers) for usage of your content.

Our optional SoundExchange collection service can...

  • Automatically register your sound recording's ISRCs with SoundExchange for matching.
  • Find new royalties related to the usage of your content.
  • Find missing royalties from the past three years and sometimes longer.
  • Report and payout this usage every month when your finalized reports are released.
  • Constantly search their system for any new royalties related to your content.

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