Sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Rhapsody, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube and many more for as little as $9.

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Key Features of Catapult:

  • Sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and all other major digital music stores.
  • Collect revenue from YouTube videos that use your songs.
  • One time setup fees as low as $25 per album or $9 for Singles and Ringtones.
  • 91% of all payouts from the music stores go straight to you.
  • Choose only the stores you want your albums distributed to.
  • Payments every month via PayPal.
  • Upload your album's audio and cover art files.
  • Your sales are automatically reported to Soundscan.
  • Download Codes of your albums for your fans.
  • No term lengths. The agreement can be terminated at anytime.
  • Volume Discounts for labels or artists with large catalogs.

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Catapult is an approved aggregator for iTunes / Apple Music and all of the major music stores. We work with all artists and labels to quickly and easily deliver their albums and singles to stores around the world.

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What others are saying about Catapult

Forerunner Music"Catapult was the right choice for our label. Working with them is a pleasure and they have done exactly what they said they would do in representing us and servicing us with all the digital stores! They rock!"

Debra LaMunyon - Forerunner Music