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Earn money when your songs are used on YouTube!

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How Catapult Collects Revenue For Your Sound Recordings In YouTube

Step 1

Catapult delivers your song(s) to YouTube for scanning and fingerprinting...

Step 2

A user uploads a video to YouTube and happens to use one of your songs...

Step 3

YouTube notifies Catapult that a video has been uploaded to their service that is using your song...

Step 4


Catapult tells YouTube to begin displaying Ads on that video so that the views can be monetized...

Step 5


People watch the video and YouTube begins monetizing the views because Advertisers are paying them to display ads on that video...

Step 6

YouTube reports and makes payment to Catapult for these monetized views which are then reported and paid to you!

Example of a video on YouTube which contains a song from one of our artists:

Because we have delivered this specific song to YouTube, this video was found using that song and YouTube began displaying Ads over it which allows us to monetize the song. Watch the video and you'll see Ads occasionally appear over the video.

Song Credits: We Go Tonight (Say It Again) by Sleeperstar


There are certain eligibility requirements in order for Catapult to submit your songs to YouTube.

Eligible Sound Recordings

You can utilize this service if your songs...

  • Are your own material for which you have exclusive rights.
  • Use third-party material for which you have exclusive rights.

Ineligible Sound Recordings

You CANNOT utilize this service if your songs meet any of the following restrictions...

  • Contain public domain clips or speeches.
  • Contain any audio library samples, sound effects, or production loops (ie: Garage Band Loops).
  • Contain any third party content that you have not exclusively licensed.
  • Karaoke versions or sound-a-like cover versions.
  • Are part of a compilation.
  • You have previously licensed to a third party on an exclusive basis.
  • Are already monetized on YouTube by another distributor.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

This service only costs a one time $10 setup fee per album of songs submitted and Catapult will pay you 85% of all revenue earned from YouTube for your songs being used in videos.

You can sign up for this service during the album submission process or via your album's page in your Dashboard at Catapult.

What others are saying about Catapult

Forerunner Music"Catapult was the right choice for our label. Working with them is a pleasure and they have done exactly what they said they would do in representing us and servicing us with all the digital stores! They rock!"

Debra LaMunyon - Forerunner Music