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UPC Registration

A UPC is the code that uniquely identifies your album throughout the world. It is the method by which your album is tracked throughout the digital music stores. All music stores require that your album have a UPC code, even for digital albums.

If your album does not have a UPC code, our system can automatically generate one for you when you submit your album from your Control Panel at Catapult.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a Barcode which is the graphical representation of your UPC that is normally printed on the packaging of a physical CD.

The Cost For A UPC:

A UPC can be assigned to your album for only $20 during the album submission process.

Barcode Creation Service

With our Barcode Graphic Creation Service, our graphic artists can quickly create a Barcode for your album if you have a UPC and plan on getting a physical CD printed from a duplicator. Barcodes are the graphical representation of the UPC that is normally displayed on the back of an album's physical packaging (It's what a person scans at a physical store to pull your album up in their system).

You can purchase this option during the album submission process and the Barcode Graphic file will then be available to download from within your Dashboard at Catapult. You can then send the file to your graphic designer or duplicator for placement on the back of your physical CD packaging.

You must have a UPC for your album in order to have a Barcode created for it. If you don't have a UPC, our system can automatically generate one for your album during the album submission process.

Barcode Graphic Creation Service Sample

The Cost For Our Barcode Graphic Creation Service:

The Barcode Graphic Creation Service can be purchased for only $10 during the album submission process.

SoundScan Registration

Register your album with Soundscan

Nielsen SoundScan is the information system that tracks sales of music products throughout the United States and Canada. Sales data from point-of-sale cash registers is collected weekly from over 14,000 retail, mass merchant and non-traditional (on-line stores, venues, etc.) outlets.

Why Register?

SoundScan is the sales source for the Billboard music charts. While your download sales numbers are automatically reported to SoundScan, unless your album is registered in their system, SoundScan will be unable to track your product. We can do the work of registering your album with their reporting service so that your sales can be tracked and noticed by top music industry leaders.

Once you select this option during the album submission process, your album will be registered into SoundScan's system within 7 business days.

The Cost For Our SoundScan Registration Service:

The SoundScan Registration Service can be purchased for only $29 during the album submission process.

iTunes Digital Booklets

Digital Booklets are a great, low cost way to share even more content with your fans. With the quick growth of digital music and the lack of a physical product, many music fans have expressed that they miss the ability to flip through the album booklet that would traditionally be packaged with a CD. iTunes has solved this industry dilemma, and now allow consumers that same ability, but this time in a digital format.

Digital Booklets take the place of the traditional physical CD booklets (i.e.: the multiple page booklets that normally would contain lyrics or other biographical information as well as pictures of the artist). They are attached to your album in the iTunes Music Store, and when a customer purchases your album they receive the Digital Booklet for that album free of charge. They can then view that artwork from within iTunes or some other .PDF viewer.

One of the main benefits of the Digital Booklet for an artist or label, is that in order to download it from iTunes, the customer must purchase the entire album (not just one song) which is likely to increase revenue due to the demand for the booklets.

If you are interested in attaching a digital booklet to your new album submission, we would highly recommend searching for an album in iTunes that has one and then purchasing that album so you can see what they look like and their format.

Requirements for iTunes Digital Booklets:

  • PDF format with .pdf extension
  • Four-page minimum
  • All fonts embedded
  • 72 dpi minimum
  • Dimensions of 11" x 8.264"
  • RGB color
  • Horizontal presentation
  • All images full-bleed (no surrounding white space)
  • Page number on all pages excluding page 1
  • When saving as PDF, make sure the document opens full screen with no negative space surrounding the document.
  • File size should be reasonable (8 - 10 MB max). If the digital booklet is many pages, consider using fewer images or optimizing images to achieve lower overall file size.
  • Printer's marks are not allowed.
  • You cannot sell or advertise other products or services. No other promotional sites are allowed.
  • No links to anything outside of the booklet, except to the artist and/or label website(s).
  • No time-sensitive information (for example, a promotion or dates for an upcoming tour or concert).
  • Important You can only attach an iTunes Digital Booklet to a new album submission. You cannot attach one once your album has been delivered to iTunes since they consider an album complete and final upon delivery.
When designing your iTunes Digital Booklet, you MUST conform to all of the requirements above or it will be rejected. iTunes Digital Booklets must be expressly designed for the iTunes Store format and cannot be reproductions of the physical CD's liner notes with borders to increase their size!

Once you create a digital booklet that meets these requirements, you can select the optional iTunes Digital Booklet Service ($99.00) during the album submission process and then upload the digital booklet following checkout.

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