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What are Download Codes?

Download Codes are unique codes that you can provide to your fans, friends or family members that allows them to download your album for free via Catapult. You can order Download Codes for any of your albums in your catalog and then send them via e-mail or print them out.

The best way to get your Download Codes to your fans is via e-mail. You might paste them into an e-mail to a specific fan or you could blast your whole fan e-mail list at once.

How do Download Codes work?

Once you have ordered some Download Codes, you can visit your album's page in your Dashboard at Catapult and click on "Export Download Codes". You can instantly see how many Download Codes you have ordered as well as the total redeemed to date. Or you can download a .csv file that contains all of your Download Codes and see which specific Download Codes have been redeemed.

Example of Exporting Download Codes:

  • Example Export Page
  • Example Excel Page

How do I provide the Download Codes to my fans?

That's up to you. Most artist choose to e-mail their Download Codes to their fans. Other, more technically inclined artists can even print out their own cards that display the Download Codes, but that is up to you.

If you intend to send codes to hundreds of people or more, you should consider using an email service that can automatically insert the codes into emails for you. We recommend MailChimp since they are specifically suited for this purpose. You should however, never send unsolicited e-mails to users unless they have subscribed to your e-mail list. That's a good way to get your e-mail address blacklisted by ISPs.

Where do my fans download their FREE album once they have a Download Code?

However you choose to provide the Download Codes to your fans, you should always point them to the following URL to redeem their free album:

Hint: You can pass the Download Code through the URL so your fans don't have to enter anything at all:[YOUR-DOWNLOAD-CODE]

Example of a Free Album Download Page:

  • Example Download Page

What kind of album will my fans receive?

Your album will be downloadable as a 320kbps MP3 album with all metadata and cover art embedded in the mp3 files. This allows the user to import the album into iTunes (or their preferred listening software) and all the track titles and cover art will display correctly.

How many times can a Download Code be used?

Each Download Code can be used 3 times. We do this for a couple reasons:

  1. To prevent fans from sharing the Download Code with their friends.
  2. In case a fan has trouble downloading the album, they have a few more tries to download the album.

How much do Download Codes cost?

  • 300 Codes: $9 (3¢ each)
  • 500 Codes: $15 (3¢ each)
  • 1000 Codes: $20 (2¢ each)
  • 5000 Codes: $75 (1.5¢ each)

How do I order Download Codes for my album?

Simply visit your album's page in your Dashboard at Catapult and click on "Purchase Download Codes".

This is awesome, but can I get Download Codes for the iTunes Music Store?

Unfortunately, no. iTunes does sometimes offer Download Codes for albums in their store but it is normally reserved for high profile / top billboard artists. Our Download Codes will only work at Catapult.

What others are saying about Catapult

Randy Fuller"Submitting my album through Catapult was literally as easy as setting up an email account. It walked me through the process step by step. It even had roll-over text to dumb it down for slow learners such as myself. With detailed weekly reports, I can get up to date information on the number of downloads the album is getting and what regions the downloads are coming in from. I know I made the right choice going with Catapult, and I couldn't be happier with the results."

Randy Fuller - Independent Artist