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Young Guns, Vol. 2 (Original Motion Picture Score)

Type: Album

Artist: Alan Silvestri

Released:  July 20th, 2018
Track List:

1.Brushy Bill
3.Fort Sumner
4.Prince Of Piss
5.G.D. Ennio
6.Small Hands
7.Lynch Mob
8.Real Lynch Mob
9.Finish The Game
10.Chattin' with Chisum
11.Yoo Hoo
12.New Sheriff
13.Devil's Deal
14.Pig Sticking Match
15.More Than Hello
16.Tom Sees the Light
17.Coy Dog
18.Ride to Guano City
20.Little Tom Dies
21.Mexican Blackbird
22.Let's Finish the Game
23.Chavez and Hendry
24.Dumb Bell
25.Garrett's Place
26.Chavez's Wound
27.Forgotten Gun
28.You Gonna Shoot?
29.Stolen Horse


Young Guns (Original Motion Picture Score)

Type: Album

Artist: Anthony Marinelli & Brian Banks

Released:  January 20th, 2017
Track List:

1.Main Title
2.Splendid Reading
3.The Confrontation
4.The Watch
5.Tunstall's Death
7.Poet with a Big Gun
8.McCloskey's Death
9.Pass the Peyote Please
10.Dick's Death
11.Top O' the Morning Girls
12.Turn in Your Badges
13.Kinney Chase
14.The Campfire
15.Bring in the Troops
16.Crazy Charlie
17.The Shootout
19.End Credits
20.Coda (Poet Reprise)


Wet Hot American Summer (Original Score & Music from the Motion Picture)

Type: Album

Artist: Various Artists

Released:  June 10th, 2016
Track List:

3.Backwards from Three
4.Morning Makeup
5.Capture the Flag
7.Love (Needs a Lot of Sunlight)
8.Birthplace of Spaghetti
9.Can of Vegetables / Gene's Address
10.Flannel Exchange Program
12.Rapid Rescue
13.Day by Day
14.Soul of a Woman
15.Mousse You Up
16.Bags Are Packed
17.Wet Hot American Summer
18.American Summer
19.10AM / Bowlegged and Bilingual
20.Higher and Higher / Wind
21.Summer in America
22.Wet Hot American Dream
23.10 Years from Today


Higher and Higher / Wet Hot American Summer (Music from the Motion Picture)

Type: Album

Artist: Craig Wedren

Released:  August 3rd, 2015
Track List:

1.Higher and Higher / Wind
2.Wet Hot American Summer


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