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Type: Album

Artist: Gravity Gauntlet

Released:  August 23rd, 2014
Track List:

2.Verse Anthem to an Inverse World
3.Gravity Gauntlet Presents
4.Project Livechamber (Dyson Overture Mix)
5.Adagio in PiĆ¹
6.Schiavona Sarabande
7.Inner Midheaven Suite
8.Coda Corona (feat. Ian Kerns)
9.Hardened Hellfire
12.Alphabetum Archrivalis
13.Silicon Campfire Stories
14.Welcome to the Western Desert (Silicon Trail Mix)
15.Another Winter
17.Project Livechamber
19.War Lore Identity (Bonus Track)
20.Interim (Muzak Mix) [Bonus Track]
21.Threefold (feat. Gravity Gauntlet) [Bonus Track]


PLC Main Themes Suite

Type: Single

Artist: Adrian Wahrer

Released:  December 25th, 2015
Track List:

1.PLC Main Themes Suite


Conviction, Commendation (feat. Ian Kerns)

Type: Single

Artist: Gravity Gauntlet

Released:  July 7th, 2015
Track List:

1.Conviction, Commendation (feat. Ian Kerns)


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