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The Great Farby

Type: Album

Artist: Chony Milecki

  • The Great Farby by Chony Milecki

Released:  November 30th, 2018
Track List:

1.Choices (feat. Yoni Z)
2.Joyful Prayer (feat. Avi Piamenta)
3.Rambam (feat. Chony Zucker)
4.Dira in Calypso (feat. 8th Day, Avi Piamenta & Yoni Z)
5.Farbrengen (feat. Raya Mehemna)
6.Hey Johnny (feat. Rogers Park)
7.It's Late (feat. Benny Friedman & Beri Weber)
8.Pride (feat. Nemouel Harroch & Shmueli Ungar)
9.Defiance (feat. Shmueli Ungar & Peretz Chein)
10.Generation 7 (feat. Eli Marcus)
11.Want You (feat. Benny Friedman)
12.Miss You
13.Nisht Nispoel (feat. R' Mendel Marozov)
14.Chasid Sfaradi (feat. Shuky & Eli Marcus)
15.Geula Yearnings (feat. Yanky Lemmer)
16.Bring It Home (feat. Shmueli Ungar, Eli Marcus & Mendi Jeruf...


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