Artist Profile: Zach Winters

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They Were Longing for a Better Country

Type: Album

Artist: Zach Winters

  • They Were Longing for a Better Country by Zach Winters

Released:  September 26th, 2011
Track List:

1.The Grass after Winter
2.Give Me Peace and Rest
3.While You're Making Other Plans
4.Most of the Air
6.And the Little Child
7.Engagement Party Song
8.Small Boat
9.When Evening is Overwhelming
10.I Want to Be
13.I'm Never Going Back to That Place (I'm Traveling Now)
14.Glory from Ashes/Walking under Night Honeysuckle/Marriage


My Thoughts Are Ours from Here

Type: Album

Artist: Zach Winters

  • My Thoughts Are Ours from Here by Zach Winters

Released:  March 1st, 2006
Track List:

1.Package Song
2.Six Seven
3.All the Lame People Walk
4.Oh Marie
5.Call Song
7.Red Song
8.Like an Arrow from the Bow
9.A Petition, A Plea, A Siren (Running)
11.Will I See You with My Hair Down


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