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God Is Light

Type: Album

Artist: Shine

  • God Is Light by Shine

Released:  February 15th, 2011
Track List:

1.God Is Light
2.Everything That Has Breath
3.Song Of Freedom
4.Those Who Are Weary
5.God Will Prepare
6.The Faithful One
7.I Offer A Song
8.I Will Not Fear
9.The Word
10.Give To God
11.We Sing To The Lord
12.The Hope Of All Nations


I Love Your Name, Bongkote 4

Type: Album

Artist: Bongkote

  • I Love Your Name, Bongkote 4 by Bongkote

Released:  December 15th, 2009
Track List:

1.I Love Your Name
4.I Am
5.Strong and Sweet
6.God of Everything
7.Alpha Omega, Jesus
10.Joyful Lord
11.Wisdom and Power
12.I Love This Nation (feat. PJ Hudson)



Type: Album

Artist: Josiah Hughes

  • Dynamite by Josiah Hughes

Released:  August 10th, 2008
Track List:

1.Real Happiness
2.Break The Walls
3.Something I Don't Understand
4.On The Throne
5.The Reason
6.Ask For Light
8.Rich Man
9.Investment And Profit
10.Martyr's Song
11.Pain Offering
12.Passing On


Above The Earth, Bongkote 3

Type: Album

Artist: Bongkote

  • Above The Earth, Bongkote 3 by Bongkote

Released:  June 15th, 2006
Track List:

1.Only One
2.Above The Earth
3.Give Thanks
5.My Heart
6.Love Of The Lord
7.Want To See
9.Dear Nation
10.New Song


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