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Autumn Souls

Type: Album

Artist: Thy Bleeding Skies

  • Autumn Souls by Thy Bleeding Skies

Released:  May 2nd, 2011
Track List:

1.The Chaos That Comes
2.The Breed Of Tragedies And Fears
4.Autumn Souls
5.Gonna Be A Bad Day
6.The Inner Aspect
7.The Fallen One
8.When All Is Said And Done
9.In Endless Dreams Everything Dies
10.The Sky Still Bleeds



Type: Album

Artist: Kekal

  • 8 by Kekal

Released:  December 13th, 2010
Track List:

1.Track One
2.Gestalt Principles of Matter Perception
3.A Linear Passage
4.Tabula Rasa
5.Private School of Thought
6.The Regulars
7.Departure Gate 8
8.Heartache Memorial
9.Let Us Blend
10.Open World
11.End Unit of The Universe


Das Ende Einer Wahrheit

Type: Album

Artist: Saphena

  • Das Ende Einer Wahrheit by Saphena

Released:  September 20th, 2010
Track List:

1.Das Ende Deiner Allmacht
2.Ich Sehe Mich
3.Mehr Als Einen
5.Das Erbe
6.Bis Zuletzt
7.Atme Licht
9.Deine Stimme
10.Die Last Meiner Welt


Rock N'Roll Rodeo

Type: Album

Artist: Icon Clan

  • Rock N'Roll Rodeo by Icon Clan

Released:  August 23rd, 2010
Track List:

1.Bridges Burn
2.Get Out!
3.One And Only (Love Of My Life)
4.Take Care
5.Highway's My Home
6.Fat Boy
8.Tom Of Bar Chaplin
9.Rock For Fun
10.Pint Of Blues
11.(I Just Wanna) Go Home
12.Teenage Again
13.Gimme A Call
14.I Need Your Love Tonite


Fear For Those Who Missed It

Type: Album

Artist: Conduit

  • Fear For Those Who Missed It by Conduit

Released:  May 10th, 2010
Track List:

1.Seize The Day
2.And Then There Were Four
3.I Am The Moth
4.Onwards And Upwards
5.Snakes And Ladders
8.Look To The Skies
9.Desperate Beloved
10.Finding Charis
11.Stumble, Fall, Flick The Wwitch


In Contemplation of Death

Type: Album

Artist: World to Ashes

  • In Contemplation of Death by World to Ashes

Released:  November 17th, 2009
Track List:

1.Into The Abyss
2.Beyond The Veil
3.Pale Cold Water
4.Tie Killer Hypocrites
6.The Lucent Gate
7.Path Of Uncertainty
8.Yesterday Is Burning Black
10.A Soul Divided
11.Facing Death


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