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WeeBeeTunes Travel Adventures - The Journey Continues!

Type: Album

Artist: Various Artists

  • WeeBeeTunes Travel Adventures - The Journey Continues! by Various Artists

Released:  November 1st, 2002
Track List:

1.WeeBeeTunes TJC Theme
2.Alexander Salamander
3.Norway: Welcome to Norway
4.Germany: Celebrate Oktoberfest
5.Russia: Trans-Siberian Express
6.Mae Lin Yak
7.China: The Great Wall of China
8.India: The Many Faces of India
9.Jerusalem: One City Built on Faith
10.Savannah the Crowned Crane
11.Tanzania: Safari in the Serengeti
12.South Africa: Diamonds and Gold
13.Cuddly Wuddly Wombat
14.Australia: Enter into the Outback
15.Sven Penguin
16.Antarctica: Who'd Make a Home in Antarctica?
17.Osvaldo the Soccer Otter
18.Argentina: The Dance of Argentina
19.Peru: Look at You Machu Picchu
20.Raccoon Twins
21.Mexico: Dia de los Muertos
22.Canada: Canada's Winter Delight
23.USA: Get to Know New Orleans
24.WeeBeeTunes Scratch Jam


WeeBeeTunes Travel Adventures - Get Your Passport!

Type: Album

Artist: Various Artists

  • WeeBeeTunes Travel Adventures - Get Your Passport! by Various Artists

Released:  September 29th, 2001
Track List:

1.WeeBeeTunes Theme
2.Alexander Salamander
3.England: A City Built for Kings
4.France: Take Me to Paris
5.Savannah the Crowned Crane
6.Egypt: We Are Going to Build a Pyramid
7.Mali: How Do You Get to Timbuktu?
8.Mae Lin Yak
9.Nepal: Mount Everest
10.Turkey: The World Famous Grand Bazaar
11.Cuddly Wuddly Wombat
12.New Zealand: The Land We Call New Zealand
13.Australia: Do Ya Wanna Scuba?
14.Sven Penguin
15.Antarctica: Race to Reach the South Pole
16.Osvaldo the Soccer Otter
17.Brazil: Carnival of Rio de Janeiro
18.Brazil: Floatin' Along the Amazon River
19.Ecuador: Welcome to Ecuador
20.Raccoon Twins
21.Canada: Let's All Go to the Rodeo
22.USA: You Always Leave Me Singin' the Blues
23.Honey Bees Passport Theme


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