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Psalms (Indie Version)

Type: Album

Artist: Shane Barnard

  • Psalms (Indie Version) by Shane Barnard

Released:  June 1st, 2001
Track List:

1.Unto You
2.Waiting Room
3.Psalm 13
4.Psalm 143 (Revive Me)
5.Psalm 145
6.Psalm 118 (This is the Day)
7.Name's Sake
9.Praise the Name of Jesus
10.We've Come to Declare
11.May the Words of My Mouth
12.You Said


Rocks Won't Cry

Type: Album

Artist: Shane Barnard

  • Rocks Won't Cry by Shane Barnard

Released:  January 1st, 1998
Track List:

3.Prodigal Me
5.Rocks Won't Cry
6.Take My Love
7.Here We Go Again
9.Breath of God
10.Ancient of Days (Live)
11.Open the Eyes of My Heart (Live)
12.Let the River Flow (Live)
13.Oh Lord to You (Live)
14.You Give Me Life (Live)
15.Ancient Of Days (Live Reprise)


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