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The Pilot - EP

Type: Album

Artist: Raised on TV

  • The Pilot - EP by Raised on TV

Released:  May 11th, 2016
Track List:

1.Stereo Kid
2.Hit Me
3.Absent (Something's Not Right Here)
4.Iced Coffee


Birds Through Blinds

Type: Album

Artist: Birds Through Blinds

  • Birds Through Blinds by Birds Through Blinds

Released:  January 2nd, 2015
Track List:

2.Absent (Something's Not Right Here)
4.Long Distance Relationship Blues
5.Deep In Hiding
7.Split Step
8.Iced Coffee
10.Valley Circle


A Creeps Christmas

Type: Album

Artist: Travis Creeps

  • A Creeps Christmas by Travis Creeps

Released:  December 10th, 2014
Track List:

1.Lessons About Santa
2.Pretzels and Beer
3.A Most Special Surprise
4.If You Love the Holidays You Might Be Insane
5.Back in the Toolshed
6.A Creeps Christmas
7.Desperate Times
8.Brokeass Christmas
9.Gainfully Employed
10.Travis the Yellow Snowman
11.Celebration at the Divehole
12.It's the Most Wonderful Kind of Beer
13.Dumb Move
14.Just Another Drunken Christmas Eve
15.Saved by a Bearded Angel
16.I'm Dreaming of a Denny's Christmas


Beers and Tears

Type: Album

Artist: Travis Creeps

  • Beers and Tears by Travis Creeps

Released:  April 15th, 2013
Track List:

1.After Sundown
2.LA Dreamin
3.Reno Romance
4.Fuckin A'
5.Baby Joe's Banjo Lullaby
6.Never Enough
7.Let Me Love You (The Way I Love Porno)
8.Down the Street Girl
9.Beers and Tears
10.There's Always Whiskey


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