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Avenue of the Giants

Type: Album

Artist: Track a Tiger

  • Avenue of the Giants by Track a Tiger

Released:  April 21st, 2015
Track List:

1.What the Leopards Reject
2.One Foot in the Ocean
3.The Killing
4.Pictures of the Night
5.Buried in a Landslide
6.Run for the Cause
7.Girls in Green
8.Laughing with My Enemies
9.I'll Follow You to the Sun
10.The Indian River


A Southern Blue

Type: Album

Artist: Track A Tiger

  • A Southern Blue by Track A Tiger

Released:  November 1st, 2011
Track List:

2.We Tried to Hide
3.Now She's Fine
4.You're Pretty Tall For a Girl
5.Starve, Go Mad
6.I Won't Leave Your Love Behind
7.Meet Me at the Western Gate
8.Divide the Days
9.The Altar
10.Where are the Wise Boys?
11.Burn Wide Open


Sewing by Numbers

Type: Album

Artist: Track A Tiger

  • Sewing by Numbers by Track A Tiger

Released:  January 11th, 2011
Track List:

1.Don't Let the Nightlight Dance (French Politics Remix)
2.Here at the End (John Peacock Remix)
3.I Don't Understand These Machines (Pat Stolley Remix)
4.Light (Coal to Cola Remix)
5.All Nerves Serve (Brad Kopplin Remix)
6.Always Untrue (Devin and Kate's Smoke Monster Remix)
7.Don't Let the Nightlight Dance (Disco Mike Remix)


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