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Just Like We Used To

Type: Album

Artist: BroJazz

  • Just Like We Used To by BroJazz

Released:  May 3rd, 2016
Track List:

1.Analyze Analysis
2.Boston Boogie
3.San Leanbros
4.Way Back When (Sam Kane)
5.Hoot Hoot
6.The Space Between
7.Told You So
8.I Thought It Was Quite Mean What You Did
9.Good Starts Here
10.What Did We Used to Do Again
11.The Way It Was Before
12.Just Like We Used To
13.Friend or Foe
14.The Way It Will Be


Sign of Our Times

Type: Album

Artist: Edmund Velasco

  • Sign of Our Times by Edmund Velasco

Released:  December 19th, 2015
Track List:

1.Sign of Our Times
2.Endings Are Just Beginnings
3.Major Pain and His Big Band
4.Mr. Palmer's Drive
6.If You Feel it
7.The Next Chapter
8.Carnival West
9.Rhumba Numero Ochenta
11.Cha Cha para Mi Padres
12.See You Soon, See You Later
13.Endings Are Just Beginnings (Bonus Track)


Prologue, Epilogue.. Of...

Type: Album

Artist: Jinshi Ozaki & Kazuki Nakazawa

  • Prologue, Epilogue.. Of... by Jinshi Ozaki & Kazuki Nakazawa

Released:  May 27th, 2014
Track List:

1.Passing Around (feat. Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Brad Dutz & ...
2.Anne Doughnuts (feat. Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Brad Dutz & ...
3.Healing Groovy
4.The Autumnal Equinox (feat. Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Brad D...
5.Spiced Up
6.Central Island (feat. Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Brad Dutz & ...
7.Melancholy in the Wind (feat. Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Brad...
8.After the Rain (feat. Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Brad Dutz & ...
9.Strips (feat. Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Brad Dutz & Kirk Cov...
10.Oyasumi (feat. Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Brad Dutz & Kirk Co...


New Space Age Materials

Type: Album

Artist: Ron Bruner Sr.

  • New Space Age Materials by Ron Bruner Sr.

Released:  July 2nd, 2013
Track List:

1.Lift Off
2.Yes Babou, Space Cowboys Do Fly
3.Time Travel Made Easy
4.Sometimes I Cry
5.Drums in Space
6.Moon Juice
7.Star Gazers Prelude
8.Star Gazers
9.Passion of Now
10.Sonogram Exam
12.Thug Robots
13.Fidel's Anomaly
14.Dealing with My Alien Feelings
15.Roving Curiosity


Local Dialect

Type: Album

Artist: Jay Azzolina

  • Local Dialect by Jay Azzolina

Released:  June 1st, 2007
Track List:

1.Friends of Friends
2.Three Ladies
3.Between Thoughts
4.Smile for Me
6.Sofia's Eyes
7.Mind Your Mind
8.Exit Strategy


The Ocean (feat. Tyra Juliette) - Single

Type: Single

Artist: Ron Bruner Sr. & Rick Z

  • The Ocean (feat. Tyra Juliette) - Single by Ron Bruner Sr. & Rick Z

Released:  May 5th, 2015
Track List:

1.The Ocean (feat. Tyra Juliette)


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