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Ndauraya Munhu

Type: Album

Artist: Stunner

  • Ndauraya Munhu by Stunner

Released:  September 6th, 2012
Track List:

1.Sei Sei
3.Next Level
4.Bye Bye
5.Ndauraya Munhu (feat. Boyz Retonaz)
6.Evil Thoughts
7.Ndauraya Munhu
8.Ndaita Mbiri (feat. Sanii Makhalima)
10.Panofa Munhu (feat. Alka Nemo)
11.Close to You
12.Sele (feat. Roby Gee and Jusa Dementor)
13.Garai Masiva
14.Zimbabwe (feat. Taurai and Shinsoman)


Belinda (feat. Kola-Bo & Kelly Hansome) - Single

Type: Single

Artist: Stunner

  • Belinda (feat. Kola-Bo & Kelly Hansome) - Single by Stunner

Released:  August 22nd, 2014
Track List:

1.Belinda (feat. Kola-Bo & Kelly Hansome)


Chibhodhoro (feat. Shinsoman) - Single

Type: Single

Artist: Stunner

  • Chibhodhoro (feat. Shinsoman) - Single by Stunner

Released:  April 28th, 2013
Track List:

1.Chibhodhoro (feat. Shinsoman)


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