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Fuzzy Logic

Type: Album

Artist: Elias Foley

  • Fuzzy Logic by Elias Foley

Released:  March 25th, 2013
Track List:

1.Intro With Banjo
2.The Aunts
3.Sweet Tunnel
4.Centipede Pt. 1
5.Centipede Pt. 2
6....of Hungry Sharks And Other Concerns
8.Fuzzy Logic


Into The Woods - The Remixes

Type: Album

Artist: Ethernet

  • Into The Woods - The Remixes by Ethernet

Released:  December 3rd, 2012
Track List:

1.Current (Loscil remix)
2.Current (Mirrored Landscape remix by Gentleforce)
3.Current (Etbonz remix)
4.Clearing (Computational by DJU)
5.Before a Storm (Gulls remix)
6.Into the Woods (illuviation dub by wndfrm)
7.Before A Storm (Noctilucent remix by Ethernet)
8.Into The Woods (Widesky Remix)
9.Rain Elemenetal (Cloud City Cars Remix)
10.Current (Offworld Remix by DJU)
11.Into The Woods (Jatun Remix)
12.Before A Storm (Reduction Version by Gulls)


Into The Woods

Type: Album

Artist: Ethernet

  • Into The Woods by Ethernet

Released:  October 10th, 2012
Track List:

1.Summer Birds
3.Before a Storm
4.Rain Elemental
5.Windy Park
7.Milam Bardo
8.Into the Woods
9.After Dark


Falling Needles

Type: Album

Artist: Tamarack Music

  • Falling Needles by Tamarack Music

Released:  January 14th, 2010
Track List:

2.Beetum Brahee
3.Tink Fast Mon
4.Drum Song (Long Legged Dub)
5.Bit Rate
6.We All Move
7.Sedlec / Laughter and Forgetting
9.Avian Drone
10.Power Nap


Winter Sleepurrs 2009

Type: Album

Artist: Various Artists

  • Winter Sleepurrs 2009 by Various Artists

Released:  December 21st, 2008
Track List:

2.Grave Robbers (if/then version)
4.New Horn
5.Oi Aue La'uTu'i e
6.Mission (exerpt)
7.3 AM Body Dump
8.Trace (movement 3)
10.The Road
11.57 Ways Home
12.Basket of Fruit


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