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The Shaw-Spector Group

Type: Album

Artist: The Shaw-Spector Group

  • The Shaw-Spector Group by The Shaw-Spector Group

Released:  April 8th, 2015
Track List:

1.Where Do You Go
3.Tell It All


Soul Beautiful

Type: Album

Artist: Hampton Taliaferro

  • Soul Beautiful by Hampton Taliaferro

Released:  November 27th, 2013
Track List:

2.Wondering Why Tonight
3.If I Was Falling
4.I'm Gonna Change
6.What Grownups Do
7.The Sacred Ground
8.Soul Beautiful
9.Extended Mountain Soulshine
10.The Devil's Inside
11.Earth People
12.Hallowing the Circle Out
13.Soul Beautiful (Radio Edit)


Focus On the Feeling

Type: Album

Artist: Phyllis Emert

  • Focus On the Feeling by Phyllis Emert

Released:  June 21st, 1985
Track List:

1.Sometimes I'm Happy
2.Open Up
3.Samba de Joy
4.John Brown's Body
6.The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
7.He's a Real Gone Guy
8.Am I Blue


My First Child

Type: Album

Artist: The Phyllis Emert Trio

  • My First Child by The Phyllis Emert Trio

Released:  July 31st, 1975
Track List:

1.Hello Young Lovers
2.Bernie's Tune
3.Ballad to an Empty Room
4.Jamaican Marketplace
5.Slow Boat to China
6.No More Blues
7.My First Child
8.Jack Miraculous


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