Label Profile: Summerspring Media

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Type: Album

Artist: The Last Tuesday in April

  • UIA DIY by The Last Tuesday in April

Released:  January 14th, 2010
Track List:

1.Before the Show Starts
2.Sunlight Falling Down
3.Good Kind of Woman
4.Pass and Stow
5.Beyond the Deep Blue Sea
6.Mirror of the Fall
7.White Gold
8.The Horns of the Valkyrie
10.Sweetpea's Dream
11.To The One and Only Kenny
13.Unemployment Insurance Agency



Type: Album

Artist: The Last Tuesday in April

  • Spring by The Last Tuesday in April

Released:  November 6th, 2006
Track List:

2.Joy in a Descending Tune
3.Birds and Sun over Sand and Water
4.Piper Song
5.Translatio Illuminata and the Setting of the Western Sun
6.Kiss Your Face
7.There is No Spring Without a Winter
8.Worry in that Cloud
9.Just a Jamm (Translatio No Overdubs)
10.Joy in a Descending Tune at Chad's


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