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Type: Album

Artist: StringBreaker

  • Re-Breaker by StringBreaker

Released:  November 1st, 2016
Track List:

1.The Big Raffle
2.Máfia da Águia
4.Getting High
5.Área 78
6.Freedom Walk
7.Requiem in F#m
8.A 8ª Música Mais Triste do Mundo
9.Pigeon Turn On
10.Rock'n'Roll C.A.P.O.
11.Railroad A'boozing


StringBreaker and the StuffBreakers

Type: Album

Artist: StringBreaker

  • StringBreaker and the StuffBreakers by StringBreaker

Released:  June 1st, 2015
Track List:

1.Groove Party
2.Mad Middle Pickup
3.Travel at the Southern Lands
4.75's Spring
5.Grooveria Paulistana
7.Rainy Afternoon in Gonçalves
8.The Inspiration Blues
9.Two Color Sky
10.Taking Road Back Home


Máfia da Águia

Type: Single

Artist: StringBreaker

  • Máfia da Águia by StringBreaker

Released:  September 30th, 2016
Track List:

1.Máfia da Águia


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