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Frontiers (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Type: Album

Artist: Steve Barnes

  • Frontiers (Original Video Game Soundtrack) by Steve Barnes

Released:  April 30th, 2015
Track List:

1.Main Theme from "Frontiers"
2.Scent of Wood
3.Orientation at Guild University
4.Morning Rays on Grass
5.Ovandr Crossroads
6.Twilight Over Benneton
7.Campfire Tales of Darkrot
8.The Delicate Magic
9.Marshlands Around Frodleik
10.Callasandr Usef's Dreams
12.Willowpeak Observatory
13.Visions of Flames
14.Path of the Hundred
15.Hammersmith Reminisces
16.Hills of the Highlands
17.Ofridr Procession
18.Starfreya's Requiem
19.Stone Wall Tryst
20.Kantvarld Vignettes
21.Quiet Luminite
22.Bartering and Sunlight
23.Daydreams on the Purlieus
24.Starlight Soliloquy
25.Civilization Through Trees' Throats
26.Echoes from the Primeval
27.Insects' Eulogy
28.Boots on Dusty Planks
29.Repealing the Crossing Ban
30.Daniel's Farewell to History
31.The Rift
32.Exploration of New Frontiers
33.The Next Menagerie
34.Ceremony of the Organic
35.The Watchmaker
36.Ascent to Ultimatum
37.Pathfinder's Grail
38.Certain Values of Dead


RPG (Original Cast Recording)

Type: Album

Artist: Various Artists

  • RPG (Original Cast Recording) by Various Artists

Released:  November 30th, 2013
Track List:

2.Naming One
3.Things That Are Dire
4.One-On-One Remedial Training
5.The First Battle
6.Naming Two
7.As They Go Underway
8.Armourer Pitch
9.Experience Points
10.Here I Am
11.Our World
13.Naming Three
15.Dust on the Wind
16.The Sword and Tunnel Story
17.Naming Four
18.The King's Lament
19.The Final Battle
20.Our World Reprise


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