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No More Yesterday

Type: Album

Artist: Lee G

  • No More Yesterday by Lee G

Released:  May 4th, 2018
Track List:

1.The Rub (feat. Hershey Brooks)
2.Cocaine (feat. Vegas Posada)
3.Something 2 Smoke 2
4.A Letter to Bugz
5.The LGN Morning Show Theme (feat. Melody Renee)
7.Steel Cage Magnificent (feat. Fredd C & Vegas Posada)


Still Coachin'

Type: Album

Artist: Coach City Boyz

  • Still Coachin' by Coach City Boyz

Released:  September 19th, 2017
Track List:

1.Shoeshine Speaks (Intro)
4.Wolves (feat. Dank)
5.GMP (feat. B-MAD)
6.Where I'm From (Coach City)
7.Let's Talk About It
9.On My Mama (feat. Smiley Band$)
10.Sick of It
11.Let Me Chill (feat. N.O. CoKY)
12.No Lie (feat. Dank)
14.Feenin' (feat. Ree Ree Gold)


Iron Mic Sharp, Vol. 3 (Power & Glory)

Type: Album

Artist: Lee G & Vegas Posada

  • Iron Mic Sharp, Vol. 3 (Power & Glory) by Lee G & Vegas Posada

Released:  September 4th, 2017
Track List:

2.Killer Talk
4.Chuck Wagon (feat. Yusef Truax)
7.The Message
9.Somersault Fishscale (feat. Dirty Wurlz)
10.Stir Fry (feat. Honky Kong)
11.Curry Chicken
13.KIM (feat. Natti of Cunninlyngists)
15.I-94 (feat. Wip)
16.Van Peoples
18.West Coast Gorilla Pimping
19.Sad & Blue


Coach the World

Type: Album

Artist: Coach City Boyz

  • Coach the World by Coach City Boyz

Released:  February 4th, 2017
Track List:

1.My Dawg
2.Lookin' Azz
3.Pussy Nigga (feat. YG)
4.I'm a Savage (feat. Fat Mac)
5.Her Plug
6.Flashback (Interlude)
7.I Remember
8.Throwin' (feat. Mzz P)
9.On the Ave (Interlude)
10.Whole Squad (feat. Tee Mann)
11.Show & Prove (feat. Unique Universe)
12.Something About You (feat. Passion Mae)
13.It's a Struggle (feat. Fat Mac)
14.You (feat. Devine Carama)


Iron Mic Sharp

Type: Album

Artist: LadyKilla & Vegas Posada

  • Iron Mic Sharp by LadyKilla & Vegas Posada

Released:  October 31st, 2014
Track List:

1.Close Your Eyes
2.Spacebar (feat. Sheisty Khrist & JK-47)
3.Shadow of Your Smile
4.Glorious Night
5.In the House (feat. JK-47)
6.Together (feat. 13 Five & Royal Illness)
7.WKRP (feat. JK-47)
8.Iron Sheik
9.Black Porn (feat. Sheisty Khrist)


Lost & Founds, Vol. 2

Type: Album

Artist: JK-47

  • Lost & Founds, Vol. 2 by JK-47

Released:  August 8th, 2014
Track List:

1.Intro (Success)
2.A JK Beat (feat. Dre Maye, Young Jaro & AWOL)
4.Itchy Iguana
5.I'm Found
6.Let the Beat Knock (feat. Jup)
7.Interlude (Are You Trying to Reach Me?)
8.Meow Mix 1 (I'm Cat as Hell)
9.Doh (Like Uh)
10.Microsoft Works for Me
11.Listen to the Rain (feat. Mike McFly & Pablo-T)
13.Meow Mix 2 (Losing a Good Thing)
14.Duck Hunt (feat. J. Holcomb)
15.Beyond Lazy
16.My Own Personal Space
17.eMiLy 2
19.Tic Tac Toe
20.Blue Jungle
21.Spring Break 99
22.It's All Good (Shell Shock)
23.Dark Carousel
24.Grandma's Porch
25.Come Wonder with Me


The Best Mixtape

Type: Album

Artist: Old Schoo

  • The Best Mixtape by Old Schoo

Released:  April 26th, 2014
Track List:

2.All About My Paper
3.I Had a Dream (feat. J-Juicy)
4.Shawty Looks Good (feat. Coop D & 1/2 Breed)
5.4 In the Morning (feat. Real)
6.I Had a Dream (Remix)
7.Mugging (feat. Clark Kent)
8.Mommys (feat. Mota)
9.We Up (feat. Project Pat)
10.I'm No Good (feat. Nascar Shawdy)
11.In the Clouds (feat. 1/2 Breed)
12.Make It Drip (feat. Boney & Niqueo)
14.Mood (feat. J-Juicy)


Unusual Suspect

Type: Album

Artist: Gee Ness

  • Unusual Suspect by Gee Ness

Released:  May 1st, 2012
Track List:

1.Still Infinite
2.Hip Hop
3.Keep Going
5.Put It On (feat. D. Page)
6.What You Talkin' Bout (feat. Scoupe)
7.Fresh Nu Kickz
8.I'm That
9.Jazzy (feat. Fredy P.)
10.Pop That
11.Whatever You Like
12.Favorite Girl (feat. J. Coffey)
13.Do It
14.Fresh Nu Kickz Remix (feat. Decypha & Rob Jackson)


Lost & Founds

Type: Album

Artist: JK-47

  • Lost & Founds by JK-47

Released:  December 17th, 2011
Track List:

1.JK-47's Intro (Speaking With Hands)
2.I'm Back
3.Fairy Dust
4.Nothing Compares
7.Christmas Time Iz Here
8.Night Cruise (feat. TC Dubb Beats & J. Holcomb) [Remix]
9.Face Again (feat. Mali Woods) [Remix]
10.1847 Appassionato Overture In E Minor
11.Sergio In Heat
12.Fuck Off
13.Talib Kweli Remix (feat. Hedtec)
14.Donald Duck Mathematics
15.When I Tried Joanna Newsom
16.William Bell
18.T&C Designing
19.Italy (feat. TC Dubb Beats)
20.JK-47's Tribute To Roc Raida
22.Speaking Words In Moto
24.Kentucky Arcade
25.Little Star (My Prayer)


Bleeding Blue

Type: Album

Artist: R.A.W. Rekordz

  • Bleeding Blue by R.A.W. Rekordz

Released:  February 19th, 2011
Track List:

1.Go Big Blue 2010
2.Floss Ya Colors (feat. South East Click & King Kold)
3.Go Big Blue 2010 (feat. David Hamilton) [Remix]
4.UK All Day (feat. Michelle "Emtre" Hollis & Max Beamer)
5.C.A.T.S. (feat. JK-47) [Blue & White]
6.Go Big Blue 2010 Remix (feat. JK-47 & David Hamilton) [Instr...
7.UK All Day (feat. JK-47) [Instrumental]


Considered Outsiders

Type: Album

Artist: South East Click

  • Considered Outsiders by South East Click

Released:  October 9th, 2010
Track List:

1.Intro "Considered Outsiders"
3.Rep 8.5.9.
4.This Love
5.Relax Ya Mind
6.Go Big Blue
7.Say What You Want
8.Parking Lot Pimpin
9.Thang 4 U
10.Loozin My Mind
11.Reminisce (feat. Michelle "Emtre" Hollis & Dre Maye)
12.Get Dough
13.Go Big Blue (Remix)
14.Too Many Haters (feat. Max Beama)


Beast Mode (feat. Max Beama)

Type: Single

Artist: Big Dog & Pablo-T

  • Beast Mode (feat. Max Beama) by Big Dog & Pablo-T

Released:  April 2nd, 2012
Track List:

1.Beast Mode (feat. Max Beama)


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