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Building Your Legacy

Type: Album

Artist: Ronald Coleman

  • Building Your Legacy by Ronald Coleman

Released:  August 16th, 2011
Track List:

3.Reigniting the business dream
4.Owning a job versus a business
5.Are you clever or wise?
6.Climbing up from the complacency plateau
7.Ownership loneliness
8.Be like an athlete
9.Peer groups
10.Understanding and acceptance
11.Your do not do list
12.Dealing with tasks you loathe
13.Remember to reward yourself
14.The power of influence
15.Creating your legacy
16.Everything takes effort before it becomes easy
17.Contracting and building
18.Forget the business plan - develop your plan of action
19.Are you product or market driven?
20.Documentation helps ensure success
21.Critical success factors and key performance indicators
22.Improving or eliminating business processes
23.Telephone tag - don't play
24.Develop a value-added engineering mentality
25.Answering the magic wand question
26.Attitude and common sense
27.Articulate business values
28.Four key employee benchmarks
29.Recipe of a good manager
30.Delegating versus abdicating
31.Upward delegation and empowerment
32.Applying the 80/20 rule and the 20/60/20 rule
33.Cultivating and rewarding great behaviours
34.Becoming a teacher
35.Mind your ABC customers and sell your D's
36.Choosing the right customer
37.Increasing the average value of a sale
38.Guarantees and risk reversal
39.Perceived value for customers
40.Lifetime value of a customer
41.Getting customers to come back more often
42.WII-FM - The Language of Sales


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