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Bringing It to the Max

Type: Album

Artist: Max Coehlo

  • Bringing It to the Max by Max Coehlo

Released:  March 31st, 2018
Track List:

1.Living in the Mirage
3.Nothing Is Forever
4.You and I Are Boundless
5.A Secret Moment
6.Running Around
7.We Know the Way
8.Out Flat for Mitte
9.You Know It Will Be Big
10.Where Does the Story End?
12.Fighting the Day
13.Path to Riches
14.All Your Friends
15.To the Max


Chasing the Electric Pleasure

Type: Album

Artist: Dana Desire

  • Chasing the Electric Pleasure by Dana Desire

Released:  February 28th, 2018
Track List:

1.Catch the Groove
2.Just Be in the Moment with Me
4.The Shine of You
5.Sunshine Driving Me Wild
6.Missing You
7.So Epic
8.Just Don't Care
9.Hypnotize Me
10.Creating a Scandal
11.When Everything Is Perfect
12.Electric Bliss


Back in the Pit

Type: Album

Artist: Johnny K9

  • Back in the Pit by Johnny K9

Released:  February 18th, 2018
Track List:

1.Bring On the Night
2.Claws Out
4.Rhythm and Noise
5.One Girl
6.What You Need
7.LA Dreams
8.Fire Time
9.Heading East
10.Get That Party On
11.Pop the Bottle
12.Never Regret
13.Out of State
14.My Time
15.Wait for the Return


Down for the Uplift

Type: Album

Artist: Max Coelho

  • Down for the Uplift by  Max Coelho

Released:  February 1st, 2018
Track List:

1.It's Atomic
2.Epic Nights
4.On the Bump
5.Rocks On Your Necklace
7.Hard to Say Sorry
8.Scandalous Moments
9.Never Regret a Thing
10.Across the Ocean
11.No Reason
13.City Walls


Fight Dogs

Type: Album

Artist: Johnny K9

  • Fight Dogs by Johnny K9

Released:  January 25th, 2018
Track List:

1.These Streets
2.Black Skies
3.In the Rough
4.Know This Party
6.The Deal
7.Going Down
8.My Way Out
10.Under the Hood
12.Knock Out


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Randy Fuller"Submitting my album through Catapult was literally as easy as setting up an email account. It walked me through the process step by step. It even had roll-over text to dumb it down for slow learners such as myself. With detailed weekly reports, I can get up to date information on the number of downloads the album is getting and what regions the downloads are coming in from. I know I made the right choice going with Catapult, and I couldn't be happier with the results."

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