Label Profile: Poverty Records

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What I've Found

Type: Album

Artist: Nghia Ta

  • What I've Found by Nghia Ta

Released:  October 11th, 2010
Track List:

2.I'm Yours
4.Never Say Never
5.She Says
6.What I've Found


The Theory of Building Bridges

Type: Album

Artist: Misunderstood Superheroes

  • The Theory of Building Bridges by Misunderstood Superheroes

Released:  July 22nd, 2010
Track List:

1.Just Wait And See
2.You Told Me To Write A Stupid Song... So I Did
3.You're Never Gonna Change
4.Stand Your Ground
5.Whatever You Like
6.Don't Make Soneone A Priority... If They Only Make You An Op...
7.Pumpkins Don't Have Faces Till You Carve Em
8.Five Months Gone, But Life Goes On
9.All Alone With A Werewolf Named Girl
10.Call Of Dirty Boys


Misunderstood Superheroes

Type: Album

Artist: Misunderstood Superheroes

  • Misunderstood Superheroes by Misunderstood Superheroes

Released:  October 31st, 2009
Track List:

1.Just Wait and See
2.Stand Your Ground
3.Don't Make Someone a Priority (If They Only Make You an Opti...
4.Whatever You Like


40 Million

Type: Album

Artist: Dust Up

  • 40 Million by Dust Up

Released:  April 23rd, 2009
Track List:

1.Three Horns Don't Talk To Long Necks
3.Oh Hammers
4.Late Night At The Oriface
6.Sink Or Sink
8.Support Explicit Vanity
9.Dibs On The Liver


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