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Tropic Freeze Remixes - EP

Type: Album

Artist: Glacci

  • Tropic Freeze Remixes - EP by Glacci

Released:  May 25th, 2015
Track List:

1.Moraines (Joseph Marinetti Remix)
2.Tropics (Miss Modular Remix)
3.4 U (Metataktics Nemesis Mix)


Tropic Freeze - EP

Type: Album

Artist: Glacci

  • Tropic Freeze - EP by Glacci

Released:  February 2nd, 2015
Track List:

1.4 U
4.Azure (feat. Hasta)
5.Alpine (Outro)


Ariose - EP

Type: Album

Artist: Thomas White

  • Ariose - EP by Thomas White

Released:  March 3rd, 2014
Track List:

1.Au Ciel
3.Ovation (feat. Dear Lola)
4.Misty Lagoon (feat. Seapoint)
5.Ariose (Taste Tester Remix)
6.Ovation (Helix Remix) [feat. Dear Lola]


Tundra Nymph & Ice Chasm

Type: Album


  • Tundra Nymph & Ice Chasm by HYDRABADD

Released:  August 26th, 2013
Track List:

1.Tundra Nymph
2.Ice Chasm
3.Ice Chasm (813 Remix)
4.Tundra Chasm (KON Remix)


Night Flare - EP

Type: Album

Artist: Drippin & Copout

  • Night Flare - EP by Drippin & Copout

Released:  July 8th, 2013
Track List:

1.Night Flare
4.Night Flare (Visionist Remix)
5.Arc (M.E.S.H. Remix)
6.Adrenaline (Murlo Remix)


Smoke City - EP

Type: Album

Artist: Krueger

  • Smoke City - EP by Krueger

Released:  April 20th, 2013
Track List:

2.Giggles (Obey City Remix)
3.Giggles (Doctor Jeep Remix)
4.Can You
5.Can You (Rizzla Remix)
6.Can You (Lockah Remix)


I Won't Be Goin' Home Tonight

Type: Album

Artist: Titan Trakz

  • I Won't Be Goin' Home Tonight by Titan Trakz

Released:  December 17th, 2012
Track List:

1.I Won't Be Goin' Home Tonight
2.I Won't Be Goin' Home Tonight (Instrumental)


Red Carpet Warz - EP

Type: Album

Artist: Academy Awards Music Group

  • Red Carpet Warz - EP by Academy Awards Music Group

Released:  August 13th, 2012
Track List:

1.Phyre (feat. DJ Hoodcore)
2.Ice (feat. DJ Eskilate)
3.If You Sex C (feat. DJ Doomdark's Revenge)
4.AAMG Anthem (feat. DJ AK-4luv, DJ Tee Whizz and DJ Reek Rawz...
5.Phyre (Mike G Remix) (feat. DJ Hoodcore)
6.Ice (Slick Shoota Remix) (feat. DJ Eskilate)


40oz Bounce EP

Type: Album

Artist: Krueger

  • 40oz Bounce EP by Krueger

Released:  April 16th, 2012
Track List:

1.40oz Bounce
2.This Is Sick
4.40oz Bounce (Taz Buckfaster Remix)
5.This Is Sick (Drippin Remix)
6.Talk (Baauer Remix)


Indiaan In Wolvenshirt (feat. CMB Gang) - Single

Type: Single

Artist: Pensclappers

  • Indiaan In Wolvenshirt (feat. CMB Gang) - Single by Pensclappers

Released:  June 6th, 2016
Track List:

1.Indiaan In Wolvenshirt (feat. CMB Gang)


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