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Type: Album

Artist: DSK

  • DSK by DSK

Released:  November 30th, 2010
Track List:

1.We Choose This Life
2.Conform Or Be Rejected
3.The Price Of War
4.The Dream Is Dead
5.Racist Scum
6.Controlled By Fear
7.Johnny's Revenge
8.Super Soldiers
9.Blindfolded Youth
10.Kill, Mutilate, Consume
11.Chains Of Tyranny


End Of This Road

Type: Album

Artist: Set Aside

  • End Of This Road by Set Aside

Released:  July 20th, 2010
Track List:

1.12 Pack Therapy
2.End Of This Road
4.Will I Ever
5.Life Science
6.Something's Gotta Change
7.Another Single Word
8.That Circle
9.You're Estupid
10.What Do You Think?
11.Face The Day
12.Set Aside


Cut The Crap

Type: Album

Artist: Crappy Jack

  • Cut The Crap by Crappy Jack

Released:  September 15th, 2009
Track List:

1.Man From Magna
3.The Log
4.Complex Town
5.I Wanna Give You More
6.Rat Turds
7.Some People Should...
8.15 Years
10.Figure It Out
11.Timmy's Song
12.Coyote Beach
13.Bruce Pt. 1
14.The Lesson That I Learned
15.Manson Slut
16.The Den
17.Bruce Pt. 2
18.The Maker's Lad
19.One By One
20.Sparks (PABs)
21.Being A Kid (Ain't That Easy)
22.Dick and Mike Ride Bikes


For Those Hearts True

Type: Album

Artist: The Loose Skrews

  • For Those Hearts True by The Loose Skrews

Released:  July 28th, 2009
Track List:

1.For Those Hearts True
2.My Life My Rules
3.Another Wasted Day
4.Just My Luck
5.Goodbye Cruel World
6.Fifteen Years
7.No Beer Sales
8.Ex Girlfriend
9.Black On The Inside
10.In Bed We Lie
11.Die Alone
12.I Get Burned
13.Sorry Atlanta
14.Alpha Males


Who's To Blame?

Type: Album

Artist: The JDK'z

  • Who's To Blame? by The JDK'z

Released:  April 7th, 2009
Track List:

1.They Want Everything
2.Know It All
3.Not For Me
4.Who's To Blame?
6.Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms
7.Cell Block F
8.Years Gone By
9.Better Host
10.Medicated Boy
12.Last Smoke
13.Blue Collar
14.Already Nuts
15.Truck Stop


Back For The Gravy

Type: Album

Artist: Snag

  • Back For The Gravy by Snag

Released:  January 20th, 2009
Track List:

1.Christmas Tree Farms
2.Pass The Buck
3.Therapy Culture
4.Nowhere To Go But Down
5.Dying For Their Sons
6.Small Fish
7.Too Cool For School
8.Hard Kid


Punk Rock America Vol. 01

Type: Album

Artist: OTF Records

  • Punk Rock America Vol. 01 by OTF Records

Released:  December 9th, 2008
Track List:

1.Fecal America
2.The Best Times
3.Another Show In Hell
4.When You Learn To Live Again
6.Ramblin' Man
7.You're The Problem
8.Be Yourself
9.Nowhere To Go But Down
10.Nobodies Fool
11.Punk Rock Never Paid The Bills
12.Reckless Tonight
13.Here I Go
14.Kick Me Out
16.F**k Your Download
17.On My Back
18.The Beast
19.Ask The Ashes
20.Brain Hammer


Born To Lose

Type: Album

Artist: The Loose Skrews

  • Born To Lose by The Loose Skrews

Released:  November 25th, 2008
Track List:

1.The Best Times
2.Born To Lose
3.Three Kinds Of Love
4.Come Sweet Cirrhosis
5.Rude, Crude and Lewd
6.Drink Fuckin Beer
7.We Are The Loose Skrews
8.Drink Up You Bastards
9.Loose Skrew Brew Crew
10.Gonna Get Drunk
11.Try And Fail
12.Coulda Been A Contender
13.Can I See You Tomorrow?
14.None More Rancid
15.Don't Take My Hand
16.Used To Be Means Never Was
17.Boozed Up And Burned Out


Everyone's Reality

Type: Album

Artist: Aw Shux

  • Everyone's Reality by Aw Shux

Released:  October 21st, 2008
Track List:

1.What Do You See?
2.Who's The Fool
3.Tell Me Why
4.The Last Time
5.I'm Hot
6.If You Were Mine
7.Wanna Be
8.God's The Only Thing
9.Christian Nation
10.Everyone's Reality


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