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Walks with the Tender and Growing Night

Type: Album

Artist: Doug Hoyer

  • Walks with the Tender and Growing Night by Doug Hoyer

Released:  June 30th, 2011
Track List:

1.Little Things
2.With You In My Arms
3.Oh, the Wind Will Blow
4.Call at the Moon
5.Northern Lights
6.Lakes of Mars
8.Things That I'll Keep
9.Coast to Coast
10.Snow Bank


Float or Flail

Type: Album

Artist: The Joe

  • Float or Flail by The Joe

Released:  January 14th, 2011
Track List:

4.Retirement's A Four Letter Word I Scream In Public (feat. Th...
5.Float or Flail
7.On My Right Shoulder
8.My Perpetuity (The Monk Vs. The Merchant
9.Stumbling Blocks (feat. Jonek)
10.Time Travelling
11.Of God and Women (feat. Mikey Maybe)
12.Sorry If It Singed You
13.What Not
14.God Himself (Original)
15.Wayward (Gobble Gobble Remix)


I Will Not Sing Your Praises Here

Type: Album

Artist: Jaded Hipster Choir

  • I Will Not Sing Your Praises Here by Jaded Hipster Choir

Released:  December 13th, 2009
Track List:

1.I Just Played MegaMan For Seven Hours Straight
2.Owen In Drag
3.Tower of Heaven
7.I'm Faxing Over Some Tallis, OK?
8.The Rave-Up (The Hot Mess)
9.Slow Dazzle


Ut Oh

Type: Album

Artist: The Joe

  • Ut Oh by The Joe

Released:  September 11th, 2009
Track List:

1.You're Cool
4.The Obligatory You're This and I'm That Jam
6.OK (feat. X-lacks and Mitchmatic)
7.It's A Jungle Out There (feat. Jonek and Mikey Maybe)
8.Whoa Whoa Whoa You Gotta Fix Your Life (feat. Mikey Maybe)
9.Cough Cough
10.The Days
11.A Visit With Grandma Ellen
12.Ut Oh (feat. Mitchmatic and Dakwon Lee)
13.Little Brother
14.Glub Glub Glub
15.The Bluff
16.God Himself
17.The Joe's Pipe Dream Water Park Where Ice Cream Is Free, Hom...


Proudly Resenting

Type: Album

Artist: Illfit Outfit

  • Proudly Resenting by Illfit Outfit

Released:  March 27th, 2007
Track List:

2.Thick Black Frames
3.Thee & Me
4.Ill Will
5.Pink Bathwater
6.Eat The Prairie


What others are saying about Catapult

Eric Peters"...Where other digital distributor payouts were laughably small, Catapult's were more than fair and actually skewed rates in the artists' favor; imagine that. I'm glad to be associated with these folks. Their payouts are prompt (once a month on the dot) and they are accessible whenever I have questions/concerns, unlike many other faceless corporations whose empty promises of customer service fail once they get your money."

Eric Peters - Independent Artist