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Filthy Freqs

Type: Album

Artist: Munchie

  • Filthy Freqs by Munchie

Released:  July 2nd, 2011
Track List:

1.Police (Electro House Remix)
2.F*ckin' A!! (feat. Ninjaz 4 Hire)
3.Beat Manipulator
4.No Money
5.Burning With Desire
6.On The Crime Side
8.Chek Dis Owt
9.Bring That Back
10.Just Like That
11.Let's Go
12.Ex Cop


Enter The Realm

Type: Album

Artist: Ninjaz 4 Hire

  • Enter The Realm by Ninjaz 4 Hire

Released:  April 6th, 2010
Track List:

1.Final One (feat. Rhomp King)
2.From The Streets (feat. MP-5) [DNB Mix]
3.In Control (DNB Mix)
4.Ninja Dubz (feat. MP-5) [DNB Mix]
5.Body Moving
6.Ninja Dubz (feat. MP-5)
7.Fight Music (feat. Rhomp King)
8.From The Streets (feat. MP-5)
9.Mind Stalking (feat. Rhomp King)
10.The Police (feat. MP-5)
11.Freaky Planet (feat. Rhomp King)
12.Get Rolled On
13.No Prisoners
14.Come To An End


From The Shadows

Type: Album

Artist: Ninjaz 4 Hire

  • From The Shadows by Ninjaz 4 Hire

Released:  March 14th, 2010
Track List:

1.Angry Fist (feat. Rhomp King)
2.Fire (feat. MP-5)
3.Ghost Dog (feat. Rhomp King)
4.God Has Mercy, I Don't
5.In Control
6.Love Iz The Answer (feat. MP-5)
7.Come And Get You
8.Expand The Mind
9.Gangster (feat. Rhomp King)
10.Lone Wolf (feat. Rhomp King)
11.We Kill A Lot Of Dem (feat. MP-5)
14.Bad Boy
16.Filthy Funk
17.Hit It (feat. MP-5)
18.Welcome To My World
19.Ninja Breakfast


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Ross King"There's no way to measure all the ways that I have benefited from my relationship with Catapult. Personally and professionally, these are the best people in the business. Thank you, Catapult, for helping me to reach the world with my music. I literally could not have done it without you."

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