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Filthy Freqs

Type: Album

Artist: Munchie

  • Filthy Freqs by Munchie

Released:  July 2nd, 2011
Track List:

1.Police (Electro House Remix)
2.F*ckin' A!! (feat. Ninjaz 4 Hire)
3.Beat Manipulator
4.No Money
5.Burning With Desire
6.On The Crime Side
8.Chek Dis Owt
9.Bring That Back
10.Just Like That
11.Let's Go
12.Ex Cop


Enter The Realm

Type: Album

Artist: Ninjaz 4 Hire

  • Enter The Realm by Ninjaz 4 Hire

Released:  April 6th, 2010
Track List:

1.Final One (feat. Rhomp King)
2.From The Streets (feat. MP-5) [DNB Mix]
3.In Control (DNB Mix)
4.Ninja Dubz (feat. MP-5) [DNB Mix]
5.Body Moving
6.Ninja Dubz (feat. MP-5)
7.Fight Music (feat. Rhomp King)
8.From The Streets (feat. MP-5)
9.Mind Stalking (feat. Rhomp King)
10.The Police (feat. MP-5)
11.Freaky Planet (feat. Rhomp King)
12.Get Rolled On
13.No Prisoners
14.Come To An End


From The Shadows

Type: Album

Artist: Ninjaz 4 Hire

  • From The Shadows by Ninjaz 4 Hire

Released:  March 14th, 2010
Track List:

1.Angry Fist (feat. Rhomp King)
2.Fire (feat. MP-5)
3.Ghost Dog (feat. Rhomp King)
4.God Has Mercy, I Don't
5.In Control
6.Love Iz The Answer (feat. MP-5)
7.Come And Get You
8.Expand The Mind
9.Gangster (feat. Rhomp King)
10.Lone Wolf (feat. Rhomp King)
11.We Kill A Lot Of Dem (feat. MP-5)
14.Bad Boy
16.Filthy Funk
17.Hit It (feat. MP-5)
18.Welcome To My World
19.Ninja Breakfast


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