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Red Lights//Green Lights - EP

Type: Album

Artist: Dash Avenue

  • Red Lights//Green Lights - EP by Dash Avenue

Released:  December 18th, 2015
Track List:

2.We 3 Kings (feat. Ben Cesarz)
3.Shepherds' Song
4.Sacred Juncture
5.Silent Night
6.It's Christmas


A Night Of Worship (Live from Woodside Warren)

Type: Album

Artist: Rekindle

  • A Night Of Worship (Live from Woodside Warren) by Rekindle

Released:  June 16th, 2015
Track List:

1.I Am Free (feat. Nathan Raese & Adrien Vander Veen) [Live]
2.We Are the Free (feat. Nathan Raese) [Live]
3.Nothing but the Blood (Crimson Waves) [feat. Nathan Raese] [...
4.Come Oh Fountain (feat. Ben Cesarz) [Live]
5.Give Me Faith (feat. Kevon Overman) [Live]
6.All to Jesus (feat. Adrien Vander Veen) [Live]
7.Wastelands (Wholly Yours) [feat. Nathan Raese & Adrien Vande...
8.I Surrender (feat. Nathan Raese & Adrien Vander Veen) [Live]
9.Fire Fall Down (feat. Ben Cesarz) [Live]
10.We Thirst (feat. Nathan Raese & Adrien Vander Veen) [Live]
11.First Love (feat. Nathan Raese) [Live]
12.Set a Fire (feat. Nathan Raese & Kevon Overman) [Live]
13.Send Me Out (feat. Nathan Raese) [Live]
14.Nothing but the Blood (Crimson Waves) [Studio] [feat. Ben Ce...
15.Wastelands (Wholly Yours) [Studio] [feat. Nathan Raese & Zac...


Snickerdoodles - EP

Type: Album

Artist: Nathan Raese & Zach Maluzhinsky

  • Snickerdoodles - EP by Nathan Raese & Zach Maluzhinsky

Released:  November 25th, 2014
Track List:

1.Carol of the Bells
2.Snickerdoodles (feat. Ben Cesarz & Noah Stull)
3.Wonder, Wander (feat. Ben Cesarz)
4.We Thirst / Wastelands (Wholly Yours)
5.Deck the Halls


Valley of Thirst

Type: Album

Artist: Nathan Raese

  • Valley of Thirst by Nathan Raese

Released:  June 24th, 2014
Track List:

1.5.6 (desperate_thirst) [feat. Pastor Bob Johnson II]
3.The Valley
4.The Shadow
5.Sound of Silence
6.Hope Comes
7.Send the Rains
8.Delivered Soul / Shachah
9.Near the Cross (A New Hymn)
10.Shower of God
12.Your Face
14.It's Not the Real Me (Acoustic)
15.eX_p3riM\ent 1


We Will Not Be Silenced

Type: Album

Artist: Nathan Raese

  • We Will Not Be Silenced by Nathan Raese

Released:  November 27th, 2012
Track List:

2.Rise Up
3.Darkness to Light (There is Freedom)
4.Awesome Creator
5.Die for You (feat. Ben Cesarz)
6.It's Not the Real Me
7.Singing Praises
8.How It Breaks (Fireworks)
9.Let Your Will
10.My Prayer for Them
11.Oh How I Adore You


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