Artist Profile: Mick Cruz

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I Believe

Type: Album

Artist: Father Grace

  • I Believe by Father Grace

Released:  February 1st, 2017
Track List:

1.I Believe
2.God's Grace
3.Your Love Again


Ghost Town

Type: Album

Artist: Mick Cruz

  • Ghost Town by Mick Cruz

Released:  July 12th, 2013
Track List:

1.Up at Timberline
2.Blue Jeans Don't Lie
3.Tell Me How to Fix This
4.Treat Me Like a Dog
5.High Heels and Low Lives
6.I'll Catch Hell
7.Ghost Town
8.Just Like Me
9.Something Up Your Sleeve
10.Waiting to Dance
11.Cruising for a Boozing
12.So Does My Chevy
13.My Life Is Where You Are


All of Me

Type: Album

Artist: Mick Cruz

  • All of Me by Mick Cruz

Released:  January 1st, 2010
Track List:

1.Whatever it takes
2.Just a Little Longer
3.Bring Back My Baby (Drunk Driving Song)
4.If this is Love
5.All of Me
6.Without You
7.Beer Drinkin' Heart Broke Loser
8.Country Hoe Down
9.Saying Goodbye
10.Part of the Game
11.Meant for Me
12.Prelude to One Jack...
13.One Jack, Two Shots and a Bucket of Beer
14.Without You (Acoustic)


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