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  • Michael Glazer


Carl Czerny 50 Piano Etudes Op. 740 - Art of Finger Dexterity

Type: Album

Artist: Michael Glazer

  • Carl Czerny 50 Piano Etudes Op. 740 - Art of Finger Dexterity by Michael Glazer

Released:  January 1st, 2012
Track List:

1.Action of the Finger the Hand Quiet
2.The Passing Under the Thumb
3.Clearness In Rapidity
4.Light Motion In Quiet Staccato
5.Evenness In Double
6.Clearness In Broken Chords
7.Changing the Fingers On One and the Same Key
8.Light Action of the Left Hand
9.Delicate Skips and Detached Notes
10.Exercise In Thirds
11.Readiness In Changing the Fingers
12.Flexibility of the Left Hand
13.The Utmost Velocity
14.Chord Passages
15.Extension With Great Strength
16.Changing the Finger In Rapid Playing
17.Minor Scales In Rapid Tempo
18.Crossing the Hands Quietly and With Delicate Touch
19.Extension the Hand Quiet
20.Double Octaves
21.The Same Movement In Each Hand
22.Trill Exercise
23.Light Touch In the Fingers of the Left Hand
24.The Thumb On the Black Keys the Position Of The Hand Perfect...
25.Clearness In Running Passages
26.The Utmost Velocity In Chord Passages
27.Independence of the Fingers
28.A Quiet Hand the Fingers Active
29.Mordent Exercise
30.To Acquire a Firm Touch
31.Practice In the Passing Under of the Thumbs
32.Uniformity In Raising the Fingers
33.Octave Skips The Hand Light
34.Trills In Thirds
35.Changing the Fingers On One and the Same Key
36.Light Arm the Fingers Flexible
37.Clearness In Great Strength
38.Uniformity In Raising the Hands
39.Exercise In Thirds
40.Light Breaking Off or Detaching of Chords
41.Action of the Fingers of the Left Hand
42.Double Mordant Exercise
43.Skill In the Passing Under of the Thumb
44.The Lightest Touch the Fingers Exerted to Utmost
45.Legato Melody With Broken Chords
46.Bravura In Touch and Action
47.Delicate and Distinct Touch In Broken Chords
48.Trill Exercise
49.Octaves Bravura
50.Bravura In Touch and Tempo


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