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Type: Album

Artist: Break While You Can

  • Tote by Break While You Can

Released:  August 5th, 2010
Track List:

2.Just You And Me
3.What You Seemed
4.Lost And Helpless
5.Stares Don't Fly
6.She Smells Like Flowers
7.Trying To Stay In Touch
8.High School
9.Hey There
10.I Remember
11.He Likes You
12.Life Sucks
15.She Will Never Know
18.Every Once In A While



Type: Album

Artist: Empirical Sky

  • Algid by Empirical Sky

Released:  June 10th, 2010
Track List:

1.Her Little Pawn
2.The Dirt Beneath
3.Forever By My Side
4.You Can't Make Me
5.Just Leave
6.Make You Pay
7.Time Is Up
8.Songs Of Innocence
9.Just Like Me
10.Aren't You Glad
11.Resolute Recapitulation
12.Aren't You Glad (Acoustic)
13.I See You


Bright in the Night

Type: Album

Artist: Nervous Temptation

  • Bright in the Night by Nervous Temptation

Released:  September 8th, 2009
Track List:

1.A New Beginning
2.The Static and the Noise
3.The Call to Duty
4.I Need You Here
5.Straight Into The Storm
6.War Sounds
7.The Aftermath
8.I Miss You (feat. Heather Folickman)
9.When This Is Over
10.Homecoming Parade
11.Burying The Dead
12.Born Again


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