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Journeying through the Chakras

Type: Album

Artist: Marla Mervis

  • Journeying through the Chakras by Marla Mervis

Released:  May 24th, 2011
Track List:

1.Relaxing into Meditation (feat. Charles Schacht)
2.Root Chakra - Grounding (feat. Olaf Hartmann)
3.Sacral Chakra - Stimulate your Creativity & Passion for Life...
4.Solar Plexus - Accept your Perfection (feat. Amoraea)
5.Heart Chakra - Give & Receive Love Freely (feat. Amoraea)
6.Throat Chakra - Express Yourself with Joy (feat. Amoraea)
7.Third Eye Chakra - Listen to your Inner Wisdom (feat. Amorae...
8.Crown Chakra - Connecting to Oneness (feat. Amoraea)
9.Integration of Chakras (feat. Charles Schacht)


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