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The Best of Malesori Vol. 2

Type: Album

Artist: Malesori

  • The Best of Malesori Vol. 2 by Malesori

Released:  July 17th, 2010
Track List:

1.Hasmëri e Fundit (Albanian Version)
2.Mërgimtari (Albanian Version)
3.Adresë e Gabuar (Albanian Version)
4.Emrin Kam Shqipetar (Albanian Version)
5.Dy Zemra (Albanian Version)
6.Eja (Albanian Version)
7.Përsëri (Albanian Version)
8.Falmi Buzët Tua (Albanian Version)
9.Markalleshët e UÇK-së (Albanian Version)
10.Kthehuni (Instrumental) [Albanian Version]


The Best of Malesori Vol. 1

Type: Album

Artist: Malesori

  • The Best of Malesori Vol. 1 by Malesori

Released:  July 17th, 2007
Track List:

1.Çikë Malësore (Albanian Version)
2.Përsëri (Albanian Version)
3.Qaj Për Ditën (Albanian Version)
4.Fjalë Fjalë Vetëm Fjalë (Albanian Version)
5.Zotëri Pareli (Albanian Version)
6.Hajgare (Albanian Version)
7.A të Kujtohet (Albanian Version)
8.Lamtumirë (Albanian Version)
9.Kthehuni (Albanian Version)
10.Bishtalecat Palë Palë (Albanian Version)


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