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  • Koala Khool

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Future Soul Trip

Type: Album

Artist: Nick Swift

  • Future Soul Trip by Nick Swift

Released:  November 27th, 2015
Track List:

1.Intro (feat. Koala Khool)
2.Fuel the Flame (feat. Dakota Colby)
3.Green Eyes (feat. Dakota Colby)
4.Hedonic Treadmill (feat. Dakota Colby)
5.Mademoiselle (feat. Ejede)
6.Storm in Me (feat. Koala Khool)
7.Green Eyes (Encore)


Eucalyptus Keys

Type: Album

Artist: Koala Khool

  • Eucalyptus Keys by Koala Khool

Released:  October 31st, 2015
Track List:

1.Water on Mars
2.Fying Kites (feat. StudioGarageKid)
3.Ill Intentions (feat. StudioGarageKid)
4.Mountaintop Visions
5.No Crown Needed
6.Stress Relief (feat. StudioGarageKid)
7.Trance Entrance (feat. StudioGarageKid)
8.Eucalyptus Keys (feat. StudioGarageKid)
9.Under the Waves
10.Transition to the Present
11.Broken Windows (feat. StudioGarageKid)
12.Sounds of Zen
13.Whispers from Heaven (feat. StudioGarageKid)


Kief Hills

Type: Album

Artist: Koala Khool

  • Kief Hills by Koala Khool

Released:  March 28th, 2015
Track List:

1.Most Beautiful (Intro)
2.Low-Key High
3.Creative Control
4.Long Flight
5.All Nighter
6.Don't Give Up
7.Kief Hills
8.Road Trippin
9.Fresh Start
10.Parasomniac Sound
12.Write Way Wrong (Outro)


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