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When We Hang Out

Type: Album

Artist: Julie Lamb

  • When We Hang Out by Julie Lamb

Released:  October 19th, 2014
Track List:

1.Clouds Cried Red
2.Attitude Decayed
3.I'm Telling You No
4.Drive Me
6.When We Hang Out (feat. 10dd)
7.I Wanna Go to the Sun
8.I'll Never Do It Again
9.Ever Doubt
10.A Little Shut Eye


Trippin' The Light

Type: Album

Artist: Julie Lamb

  • Trippin' The Light by Julie Lamb

Released:  July 29th, 2012
Track List:

1.Tell Me Who I Am
2.Time Flies
5.Trippin' The Light Fantastic
6.Kill Me With Your Promise
7.Andreas and the Kerkinators
8.Cold Rainy Nights (feat. Mary Livingstone)
9.Mess and Magpie
10.Love'd Bayou
11.Clever Piece of Life
12.Boo Da Bip (feat. 10dd)


Why Do I Forget? - Single

Type: Single

Artist: Julie Lamb

  • Why Do I Forget? - Single by Julie Lamb

Released:  July 1st, 2015
Track List:

1.Why Do I Forget?


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