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As Funky as I Wanna Be

Type: Album

Artist: JamTone, Jay M.C. & James Toney

  • As Funky as I Wanna Be by JamTone, Jay M.C. & James Toney

Released:  September 10th, 2015
Track List:

1.Crowd Introduction to Jay M.C.
4.Call to Arms
5.Clash Boom Bang
6.Diffusing the Bomb
7.Do Lord (feat. John Toney Sr.)
8.Do You See What I See
9.Don't Be a Litter Bug
10.Driving Through the Park After Dark
11.Escape from Earth
12.Everyday Is Christmas
13.Festival of Success
14.Freedom In Jesus
15.3rd Shift Sucks
16.Freedom to Survive
17.God Is Great
18.God Is the Man
19.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
21.It's a Tournament
22.Blues Guitar Jam
23.JamTone Presents
25.Kang Ding Ge
26.Learn to Face Tomorrow
27.Love Makes a Difference
28.Meloncoly Submarine
29.New Generation
30.Oh Come Emmanuel
31.Over and Over
32.Radioactive Socks
33.Rainbow Girl (Pop Version)
34.Rainbow Girl (Rock Version)
35.Rapture Rapper
37.Rock and Roll with Me
38.Rumble in the Stampede
39.Secret Agent Jam
40.Singing in the Streets
41.Singing in the Streets (Remake)
42.Slow Down
43.Socks from Space
44.Spiritual Warfare
45.Techno Rave
46.The Cellphones
47.The Rapture
48.The Things
49.Thunder Clash
50.To the Top
51.Toney Brothers Jam
52.Victory In Christ
53.Why Lie


Freedom to Survive

Type: Single

Artist: JamTone

  • Freedom to Survive by JamTone

Released:  November 3rd, 2014
Track List:

1.Freedom to Survive


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