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Wonderland High (2017 Studio Cast)

Type: Album

Artist: Studio Cast

  • Wonderland High (2017 Studio Cast) by Studio Cast

Released:  October 2nd, 2017
Track List:

1.Welcome to Wonderland
2.Welcome to Wonderland (Reprise)
3.Ode of Wonderland
4.We're Not Weird
5.Did Shakespeare Ever Feel This Way?
6.Girl Talk
7.Girl Talk (Reprise)
8.Supply and Demand
10.Shakespeare Triumphant
11.Cafetorium Party
12.What Do You Say?
13.In Wonderland
15.Girls (Encore)
16.Hate Me
17.Who Are You?
18.Who Are You? (Reprise)
19.Garden Glees Ode
20.Maybe It Could Be
21.The Heart of Wonderland
22.Lobster Dance, Pt. 1 (Girl Talk)
23.Lobster Dance, Pt. 2 (Shakespeare)
24.Come Join the Dance
25.Finale (Bows)


Wonderland High

Type: Album

Artist: Studio Cast

  • Wonderland High by Studio Cast

Released:  August 2nd, 2011
Track List:

1.Welcome To Wonderland
2.Ode Of Wonderland
3.We're Not Weird
4.Did Shakespeare Ever Feel This Way?
5.Girl Talk
6.Supply And Demand
8.Shakespeare Triumphant
9.Cafetorium Tango
10.What Do You Say?
11.In Wonderland
13.Hate Me
14.Who Are You?
15.Maybe It Could Be
16.Hate Me - Reprise
17.The Heart Of Wonderland
18.Come Join The Dance
19.Welcome To Wonderland Finale


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