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Eight Bit Villain

Type: Album

Artist: Eight Bit Villain

  • Eight Bit Villain by Eight Bit Villain

Released:  July 26th, 2016
Track List:

2.Sobering Perspectives
3.Validation but Without
5.Ctrl Alt Del
6.Octave Upgrade
7.Silver Lining
8.Been a Few Years
10.Auto Save
11.City Nights
13.Meaning of Memory
16.Good Job Robot
18.Slurring Our Speeches and Making "I" Statements
19.My Melody


Michael Walton Documentary Extraordinaire

Type: Album

Artist: Jack of All Trades Master of None

  • Michael Walton Documentary Extraordinaire by Jack of All Trades Master of None

Released:  April 22nd, 2011
Track List:

1.Red River in Fargo
2.Thick as Sin
3.Hero X
4.Police Sirens and Badge Numbers (feat. Amanda Nowack)
5.A Brief History of Love and Tragedy
7.Rule 25
8.Talk to Jesus (feat. Benjamin Babcock)
9.Abstract Misrepresentation
10.Awesome 2


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