Artist Profile: Idan Saban

  • Idan Saban


Idan Saban 2014

Type: Album

Artist: Idan Saban

  • Idan Saban 2014 by Idan Saban

Released:  August 12th, 2015
Track List:

1.High as a Kite
2.Too Good
3.Running with My Dog
4.All This Goodness
6.It's Time to Leave the Nest
7.Om Namo Shivaya
8.I Am Strong
9.Way Past Dead
10.More Than Usual
12.Kills Me to See
13.Head Out
14.When You Call Me
15.Love Is About Flowers
16.Better or Worse
17.Plate Is Served
18.That Doesn't Pay Off
19.Polo Diabolo


Idan Saban 2013

Type: Album

Artist: Idan Saban

  • Idan Saban 2013 by Idan Saban

Released:  February 13th, 2013
Track List:

1.Really Good Deal
2.Face It
3.Are You Happy? (Q)
4.You Can't Hurt Me
5.Sleep Tight
7.To Reach You
8.Prove You Wrong
9.Pilot In the Dark
10.Hold Your Horses
11.Just Because It Rains Badly
12.You Can't Hurt Me (50's)
14.Are You Happy? (A)
15.Just to Be with You
16.Roger That
17.Just Because It Rains (feat. Nophar Azoulay)
18.Pilot In the Light (feat. Nophar Azoulay)


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