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Hamseda / One Voice

Type: Album

Artist: Gilbert Hovsepian & Tommy Walker

  • Hamseda / One Voice by Gilbert Hovsepian & Tommy Walker

Released:  February 15th, 2017
Track List:

1.Name oo Bi Hamtast
2.Hamseda Khanim
3.Doostash Daram
4.Dar Entezar Manam (feat. Elin Sarkissian)
5.Be Sooyat Ayam
6.Feyz Ata Farma
7.Faryade Shadi (feat. Pareli Amirkhanian)
8.Hamin Ke
9.Zistan Ta Abad Dar Noore oo (feat. Nancy Davood)
10.Tarse Khodavand
11.Chon Name Isa Ra Mi Khanim
12.Yek Rooz


Send Me Out

Type: Album

Artist: Gilbert Hovsepian

  • Send Me Out by Gilbert Hovsepian

Released:  June 14th, 2014
Track List:

1.I Know a Great King
2.Send Me Out
3.Every Nation Sing
4.A Letter from Prison
5.I Forgive You
6.I'm a New Creation
7.You Brought Color
8.He Is Coming
9.You Are My Father
10.Martyrs of Christ


A Letter From Prison

Type: Album

Artist: Gilbert Hovsepian

  • A Letter From Prison by Gilbert Hovsepian

Released:  June 14th, 2012
Track List:

1.A Letter From Prison (English Version)
2.A Letter From Prison (Farsi Version)


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