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The Music of Gurdjieff / De Hartmann

Type: Album

Artist: Thomas de Hartmann

  • The Music of Gurdjieff / De Hartmann by Thomas de Hartmann

Released:  January 13th, 1971
Track List:

1.Holy Affirming, Holy Denying, Holy Reconciling
2.The Resurrection of Christ
3.Prayer and Despair
4.Sayyid No, 10
5.Hymn (January 2, 1927)
6.Sacred Reading from the Koran
7.Sayyid Song
8.Hymn for Easter Thursday
9.Hymn to the Endless Creator
10.Prayer No. 2
11.Essene Hymn
12.Hymn from a Great Temple - No. 1
13.'Rejoice, Bellzebub!'
15.Kurd melody from Isfahan
17.'The Struggle of the Magicians' (Excerpt No. 1)
18.Reading from a Sacred Book
19.'The Struggle of the Magicians' (Excerpt No. 3)
20.Katzapsky Song
21.Kurd Melody
22.'The Struggle of the Magicians' (Excerpt No. 2)
23.The Bokharian Dervish Hadji Asvatz-Troov
24.Kurd Shepherd Dance
25.Sayyid No. 14
26.Kurd Shepherd Melody
27.Caucasian Dance
28.Sayyid No.1
29.Persian Song
30.Hymn for Christmas Day-No. 2
31.Sayyid No. 13
32.Sayyid No. 9
33.Song of the Fisherwomen
34.On Leaving for Cannes
35.Sayyid Song and Dance
36.Hymn (February 14, 1926)
37.Hymn for Christmas Day - No. 1
38.Vespers Anthem
39.Sayyid No. 7
40.For Mr. Gurdjieff's Wife
41.Kurd Meoldy for Two Flutes
42.Assyrian Women Mourners
43.Easter Hymn and Night Procession
44.Hymn for Easter Wednesday
45.Prayer and Procession
46.Song of the Aisors
47.Song of the Molokans
48.Night Procession
49.Remarks by Thomas de Hartmann
50.Holy Affirming, Holy Denying, Holy Reconciling - No. 2
51.Orthodox Midnight Hymn
52.Tibi Cantamus in F Minor
54.Te Laudamus
55.Easter Hymn


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