Label Profile: Garage Band Japan

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Type: Album

Artist: A Department of Child

  • Isshou-Senkin by A Department of Child

Released:  July 7th, 2005
Track List:

1.Introduction by DJ Sho
2.Seishun Toiu Takaramono
3.Futari No Michi
4.Kokoro No Tegami
5.Egao No Chikara
7.Getsuyoubi No Yoru
8.Ame No Furu Machi
9.Waraeyo Wakamono 2005
10.Yuhi (Re-recorded)
11.Kimi He (Bonus Track)


Tiger Of Rock

Type: Album

Artist: Dumdumdan

  • Tiger Of Rock by Dumdumdan

Released:  March 9th, 2003
Track List:

1.Play Under Soul
2.Mouko Hukkatsu
4.Osaka Mushuku
5.X Day
7.Osaka Revolver
9.Into The Road Of Death
10.Rocko Roll
11.Tiger Of Rock


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