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Fallen London (Official Game Soundtrack)

Type: Album

Artist: Mickymar Productions Ltd & Failbetter Games

  • Fallen London (Official Game Soundtrack) by Mickymar Productions Ltd & Failbetter Games

Released:  April 19th, 2016
Track List:

1.New Newgate
2.An Embassy Waltz
3.Labyrinth of Tigers
4.House of Chimes
5.Peligin and Pearl
6.Mrs Plenty's Carnival
7.Crowds of Spite
8.About Your Business
9.Where We Went
10.Carnival at Midnight
11.Veilgarden Last Call
12.Empress at the Window
13.Hunter's Keep
14.Before the Mirror
15.Matters of State
16.The Appointed Place
17.A Sundered Sea
18.Irrigo Below
19.Something of a Fluke
20.The Department of Menace Eradication
21.St Arthur's Candle
22.Why We Wear Faces
23.New Newgate Reprise


Sunless Sea (Original Game Soundtrack)

Type: Album

Artist: Mickymar Productions Ltd

  • Sunless Sea (Original Game Soundtrack) by Mickymar Productions Ltd

Released:  April 23rd, 2015
Track List:

1.Opening Screen
2.Wolfstack Lights
3.Submergio Viol
8.Dark Sailing
9.Harmonium Over Matter
10.Oceana Lonissima
11.Khan's Heart
13.Storm, Stone, Salt
14.Hull Is Other People
15.Vox Zombius
16.Fluke's Fathoms
17.The Sea Does Not Forgive
18.Hope Is an Anchor
19.The Surface
21.Sunless Sea


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