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Faceless Arts, Vol. 3: Gulf War and God (Remixes)

Type: Album

Artist: John DuBose

  • Faceless Arts, Vol. 3: Gulf War and God (Remixes) by John DuBose

Released:  April 7th, 2014
Track List:

1.Alburn Eyes (Remix)
2.Daddy's Love (Remix)
3.Desert Suns/Sons
4.Isn't It Strange (Remix)
5.Jack and Jill (Remix)
6.Looking (Remix Groove)
7.Lost Song (Remix)
9.March on Washington 1963
10.The Moment
11.My Youngest Son (Remix)
12.The Truth by Anonymous (For Her)
13.Subdivided Brain (Remix2)
14.To Him
15.Trinity Street
16.The Truth by Anonymous (For Him)
17.The Whole Me
19.Driftwood (Remix)


Faceless Arts, Vol. 2

Type: Album

Artist: John DuBose

  • Faceless Arts, Vol. 2 by John DuBose

Released:  August 23rd, 2013
Track List:

2.Dead Iraqi Road (Gulf War Syndrome)
3.Faceless Man 2
4.Father Figure 2
5.Ghost of You
6.Keepers of Peace?
8.Look, Search, Hope, Pray
9.Passing Leaders
10.Alburn Eyes
11.Statistical Memory (Newburgh, NY)
13.We Are 2


Faceless Arts

Type: Album

Artist: John F. DuBose

  • Faceless Arts by John F. DuBose

Released:  June 17th, 2013
Track List:

1.Alburn Eyes
3.Father Figure
4.Father Figure (Acoustic)
5.Isn't Is (Acoustic)
6.Isn't It Strange
7.Jack and Jill
8.Subdivided Rain
9.Upon Returning to Thee (Kwick)
10.War and Rememberance
11.Watching the Watchmen
12.Wooden Crosses, Fallen Heroes
13.Alburn Eyes (Extended Version)
14.My Youngest Son
15.Lost Song


We Are - Single

Type: Single

Artist: John DuBose

  • We Are - Single by John DuBose

Released:  July 4th, 2013
Track List:

1.We Are


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