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Upstream Color (Original Motion Picture Score)

Type: Album

Artist: Shane Carruth

  • Upstream Color (Original Motion Picture Score) by Shane Carruth

Released:  February 20th, 2013
Track List:

1.Leaves Expanded May Be Prevailing Blue Mixed with Yellow of ...
2.I Used to Wonder at the Halo of Light Around My Shadow and W...
3.Fearing That They Would Be Light-headed for Want of Food and...
4.Stirring Them up as the Keeper of a Menagerie His Wild Beast...
5.The Finest Qualities of Our Nature like the Bloom on Fruits ...
6.Perhaps the Wildest Sound That Is Ever Heard Here Making the...
7.I Love to Be Alone
8.A Young Forest Growing Up Under Your Meadows
9.Their Roots Reaching Quite Under the House
10.The Rays Which Stream Through the Shutter Will Be No Longer ...
11.After Soaking Two Years and Then Lying High Six Months It Wa...
12.The Sun Is but a Morning Star
13.A Low and Distant Sound Gradually Swelling and Increasing
14.As if It Would Have a Universal and Memorable Ending
15.A Sullen Rush and Roar


Upstream Color - Memorable Ending

Type: Ringtone

Artist: Shane Carruth

  • Upstream Color - Memorable Ending by Shane Carruth

(Ringtones only work from an iPhone)

Released:  May 26th, 2013
Track List:

1.Upstream Color - Memorable Ending


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