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The Way Music Used To Be

Type: Album

Artist: DJ Captivate

  • The Way Music Used To Be by DJ Captivate

Released:  January 12th, 2013
Track List:

1.Battle Of The Minds
2.California To Beijing
3.Can You Feel The Bass
4.Crave for The Music
5.Dance With Me
6.Get On The Dancefloor
7.I See The Truth
8.Let There Be Light
9.Lipstick Eyeliner And Makeup
10.Live For The Moment
11.That Gets My Heart Pumping
12.The Blending Magician
13.Throw Your Hands Up
14.Waking Up On The Wrong Side
15.Wet And Drenched


Mystical Expeditions

Type: Album

Artist: DJ Captivate

  • Mystical Expeditions by DJ Captivate

Released:  September 7th, 2012
Track List:

2.Captivation Leads To Annihilation
3.Collective Drums
5.Data Leakage
6.Double Agents
7.Gates of Hell
8.Great Distances
9.Guardian of Wisdom
11.Making Contact
12.The Sound Lab
14.Your Body Fighting The Drugs



Type: Single

Artist: DJ Captivate

  • Spirituality by DJ Captivate

Released:  July 10th, 2017
Track List:



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