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  • Derek Vaughn


The Beyond

Type: Album

Artist: Petty Theft Amalgamated

  • The Beyond by Petty Theft Amalgamated

Released:  May 17th, 2017
Track List:

2.Brakes on the Fun Machine
3.I Am One with You
4.Safe and Serine
5.I Am Down
7.3rd Bruised Eye Opens
8.Mercury and Venus Will Collide



Type: Album

Artist: The Perception

  • Shine by The Perception

Released:  December 12th, 2016
Track List:

1.Boxing Style Star Spangled Banner
2.It Was You My Friend
4.You Can Dish It Out
5.Space Time
6.So Long
7.It Must Be a Lived Experience
8.People Are Preditors
9.Break My Heart
10.Without Culture
11.Who Cares
12.Holding Hands
13.Aum Om Ohm


Deception Senses Open

Type: Album

Artist: Deception Senses Open

  • Deception Senses Open by Deception Senses Open

Released:  February 23rd, 2015
Track List:

1.Warms Hands Means Cold Heart
2.Down On First Date
3.It's Hard to Let Go
4.Patient Lost His Voice
5.If You See a Spirit, Run!
6.Tight Pants with Loose Shoes
7.Just Got Paid
8.Exit Los Angeles


Immortality Project

Type: Album

Artist: Immortality Project

  • Immortality Project by Immortality Project

Released:  December 15th, 2014
Track List:

1.Intuition Speaks
2.You Can't Have My Heart
3.White Fool Shaman
4.Wet Paint and / Or Broken Glass
5.Cult of Moral Men
6.It Don't Feel Like Christmas Without You
7.You Can't Talk Your Way Out of This One
8.Wait, Let Me Put On My Shoes, I'll Go to the Store with You


Dark Sides

Type: Album

Artist: Derek Vaughn

  • Dark Sides by Derek Vaughn

Released:  April 7th, 2012
Track List:

2.Breakdown In Marriage
3.Unknown & Unknowable
4.I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
5.Whose Gonna Save Me
6.Want, Need & Love
7.Happy to Be Alive
8.Tied Up In Systems
9.Pat Tillman
10.I Can't Sleep
11.Devil's Ride
12.Client 9
13.I Believed In You


Waiting For Hail

Type: Album

Artist: Waiting For Hail

  • Waiting For Hail by Waiting For Hail

Released:  October 1st, 2010
Track List:

1.Beware, Everyone Has a Dark Side
2.Smart Men Solve Problems, Wise Ones Avoid Them
3.If Looks Could Kill, She'd Love You All to Death
4.After Something
5.Can't Turn Back
6.She Wants to Talk It Out


Avoid Doom Circles

Type: Album

Artist: Vegan Vampires

  • Avoid Doom Circles by Vegan Vampires

Released:  June 1st, 1996
Track List:

1.What Do You Want
2.All I Was Asking
3.I Got a Crush on You
4.I Didn't Do It
5.Oil and Money


Escape from Evil

Type: Album

Artist: Tesseract Dirt Face

  • Escape from Evil by Tesseract Dirt Face

Released:  January 1st, 1996
Track List:

2.You Can't Have My Heart
4.She Wants More
5.Shut Up
6.Walking Dead In San Francisco
7.Me Too
8.Reward Me
9.Collective Unconscious
10.Stay with Me
11.Don't Stop
12.Media Chirst
13.Crucify Me
15.Joy & Pain
16.It Hurts
17.Unusable Signal


Nu Police Honest Cops In Uniform

Type: Album

Artist: Blue Collar Burdens

  • Nu Police Honest Cops In Uniform by Blue Collar Burdens

Released:  May 1st, 1995
Track List:

1.Stole My Pension
2.Sooner or Later
3.Blue Collar Burdens
4.If Looks Could Kill
5.One Percent


After Fury Party They Killed My Husband

Type: Album

Artist: Dirt Face Tesseract

  • After Fury Party They Killed My Husband by Dirt Face Tesseract

Released:  January 1st, 1995
Track List:

1.Hold Up and Wait a Minute
2.Along Meridian Lines
3.Waste Myself in Sex
4.All Blood Boarders Now Closed
5.I Believe In the Unknown


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